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About Me

After leaving Harvard Business School in 1971 and several business failures, Dal succeeded with Tweezerman which he started just $500. He did more than make it a winning business. He gave a 20% of the company to his employees and made the enterprise a founding member of the B-Corporation movement. When he sold the company in 2005 for $57 million, his employees took home $12 million. He wrote his book called “Raising Eyebrows” (find it here) about his winning combination of doing good while doing well.


Dal’s passion for social justice and peace, led him to invest in storytellers who made films about the folly of the Iraq War like  "Iraq For Sale", "The Ground Truth", and "War Tapes". He Executive Produced other films including "Something Special" “Dying to Know”, “The Last Dalai Lama?”, "Doubting Thomas" and "War Child".  He associate produced “Requiem For The American Dream” featuring Noam Chomsky.


Dal used his company and movies as tools to change the world for the better. He also fought for progress the old-fashioned way – he ran for political office. He was a candidate for Congress as a Democrat  in the now infamous 3rd District in New York back in 1996 and 2000 where he lost because he was fanatic about telling the truth. In 2018 he ran as an Independent  in upstate New York.  His platform was Hudson Valley Happiness.   He ran for President in the New Hampshire Primary in 2008.  

No matter what he was doing Dal’s message never wavered: dignity for workers, equal justice for all Americans, and a foreign policy of leading with an example of respect for one another.


Dal was the first investor in in 2003 and took over management in 2012. Today he is the sole owner and is rebirthing it as a marketing, sales, and logistics company focused on countertops which is on its way to include employees as owners.   

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