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Dal LaMagna started Tweezerman in 1980 and built it into a multi-national, premier personal-care-tool brand that practices responsible capitalism and corporate social responsibility. Dal sold Tweezerman in December 2004. Tweezerman's U.S employees kept their jobs and shared $12 million in capital gains because every one of them was a shareholder in the company.

Today, Dal is the Chairman and C0-Managing Partner of IceStoneUSA, a company that makes counter tops out of recycled glass and cement in Brooklyn, New York. Part of the company's mission is to benefit all stakeholders: including financial partners, employees, customers, vendors, the community and the natural environment.

In addition to Dal's book, other books produced by Dal are available for purchase in his store.


Karl Marx could learn from Dal LaMagna why capitalism is irrepressible.

Tom Hayden, former California State Senator


A must read for anyone considering to start or running a small business.  Dal's story of failing at one venture after another while learning along the way is a fun instructive read.  Buy for $10. FREE SHIPPING.


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